Exploring Rwanda’s National Parks

Rwanda, located in the heart of Africa, offers a tapestry of diverse natural wonders. Many of these are  found in the national parks that visitors have access to explore. Each of Rwanda’s national parks is habitat to a distinct ecosystem and a variety of species. From the extraordinary mountains of Volcanoes National Park to the sprawling savannahs of Akagera National Park and the tropical rainforest of Nyungwe, let’s delve into one of Rwanda’s beautiful treasures. 

Volcanoes National Park

Located in the northwest of Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park is home to the endangered mountain gorillas. Named after the dormant volcanoes making up the Virunga Massif, the endangered gorillas inhabit the park and alongside 200 bird species and the rare golden monkey. .

Besides  the stunning landscape and wildlife, the park is also a place of ancient history. Within the park lies ‘Buhanga Eco-Park’, an ancient forest sacred to the locals for holding intriguing folklore, and the Musanze Caves that was formed 62 million years ago.

Gorilla trekking is a highly sought-after activity at the park, and visitors travel from far and wide to witness the rich biodiversity of the volcanoes. 

There is a range of accommodations within the park for visitors that give them the opportunity to relax in the calming environment and fresh air. Visit Trip advisor and Visit Rwanda Sites for best accommodations.

Akagera National Park 

Akagera National Park is located in eastern Rwanda, just two hours from Kigali. The Park offers an African safari experience and is home to the Big Five and other diverse species  such as zebras, giraffes, and numerous bird species. The park holds a variety of ecosystems from Savannas, wetlands, and lakes. 

Akagera National Park’s conservation story is inspiring and marks an invaluable lesson in preserving natural resources in all their forms. Thanks to conservation efforts, the park reintroduced lions and rhinos in the park after being  wiped out years and years back.

The park offers diverse accommodations to suit different preferences, from luxury lodges with great views to cozy tented camps in nature. Your stay will be as memorable as possible. With easy road access and closeness to Kigali, immersing in Akagera’s beauty is both convenient and rewarding.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nestled in the southwest of Rwanda lies the Nyungwe National Park. 

Nyungwe National Park stands as a testament to Rwanda’s commitment to conservation and offers an unforgettable experience for those who venture into its depths. The park is the largest remaining tract of forest in the country, and home to over 10 primate species, golden cats, duikers, klipspringer, impalas, bushbucks, buffaloes, elephants, bushpigs among others. 

The  park is more than just a stunning place. It is a testament to Rwanda’s efforts to protect nature. The park plays a crucial role in protecting a swath of montane rainforest that is both unique and endangered. With its towering trees acting as carbon sinks and its diverse array of species, the park matters not only to Rwanda but globally. Visiting the park directly supports local communities and gives them incentives to take care of the park and preserve the park’s cultural heritage.

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All three parks contribute to protecting ecosystems, preserving  mother nature, and supporting local communities. If you want to experience unique adventures, witness the beauty of our parks firsthand, and support a good cause. Rwanda awaits you with awe-inspiring adventure! Don’t enjoy alone, bring a +1 or 2 with you!  Visit Rwanda!

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